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U Potůčku

A new built cottage in Trojanovice, in the nature landscape surrounded by forests, is inviting you to rest and relaxation.

Looking for a big cottage for the whole family with a really rich array of experiences and options nearby the cottage? Or are you a lover of adrenaline and your wish is to look around in the Beskydy hills? Do you want to have a great time relaxing with friends and family in a large hot tub or are you looking for a romantic “private spa” for yourself and your loved ones?

The attractive wellness Cottage offers accommodation for up to 12 people, a large hot tub, a sweatlodge right in the cottage, a garden, an outdoor grill with seating and entertainment for children.

All of which makes the cottage an ideal place for a great holiday or just a wellness weekend.


In the centre of Beskydy

Radegast’s Beskydy
Radegast’s Beskydy Mountains is the most visited tourist site in Moravia-Silesia Beskydy Mountains. It was given its name in 1931, when the statue of Radegast was unveiled at Radegast Ridge. The statue was created by frenetic native Albin Polek, who donated it to the oldest Czech tourist association Pohorská jednota Radhošť. Radegast’s Beskyds include the towns of Frenštat p.R., Roznov p.R., the towns of Trojanovice, Kunčice p.O., Bordovice, Lichnov, Tichá, Veřovice, Dolní Bečva, ProstCentral Bečva and Horní Bečva. Among the biggest attractions of Radegast’s Beskyds are Pustevny (winter resort, Libušín, Macurrency), Radhošť (Chapel of St Cyril and Methodius), Velký Javorník (lookout), Horečky (Jiří Rašky’s jumping grounds, Beskydsky trails, bell-ringer of Strážkyne Beskyd), Frenštát p. R. (Museum, Historic Square), Roznov p.R. (Valassic Museum in Nature, Jurkovich’s Corner).

Large Javorník tower
The summit of Velký Javorník (917 m above sea level) has been a popular destination for tourists since 1935, when the Pohorska Unity Radhošť built a cabin on top of it. In 2013, a 25-meter-high viewing tower opened here, which is freely accessible.

Jurkovich lookout
The unique Jurkovich lookout was built on the Charles Hill in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm according to the plans of architect Dušan Jurkovic, above the Wallachian Heritage of the Wallachia Museum in Nature.



The municipality of Trojanovice is located in the Moravskoslezské Beskydy district of Nový Jičín. In the Beskydy Mountains you will enjoy the beautiful nature and mountains.

Nearby, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, is Pustevny – ideal for a family trip.

Trips around


There are several ski resorts around the cottage, for beginners and advanced too. The grounds offer many ski facilities, but also leisure assets such as sledding, skialps and children’s parks.

Children and adults will enjoy the local slopes.


Beskydy trails

One of the most fun and newest attractions in the Horečky area, which is 3 km far from us. The one-way track for off-road cycling is for sportsman, tourists, adults and children. There’s a 4km trail built on Horečky. Another 15 km is being designed and will be building in the near future.